The establishment of the national youth services council in 1969 was a pioneering step taken by the government in the field of youth development. Its scope of activities wad future broadened with its reorganization under the National youth Service Act No. 69 of 1979. The NYSC is the only state organization which is responsible for policy making, planning and co-coordinating youth activities at National level and whose objective is to promote the interested of the youth so as to ensure their full development and participation. The main objectives are.

A foster among youth a spirit of national consciousness, a sense of discipline, an awareness of social and economic problems and a sense of dignity of labour.

To enlist the participation of youth in national development schemes

To promote good-will and mutual understanding between youth in Sri Lanka and other countries.

To encourage competition and a sense of achievement among youth.

To widen the knowledge of youth and to give training in fields relevant to development.

To encourage cultural literacy and artistic activities among youth.

To encourage of development of physical culture and sports among the youth.

To provide recreational and entertainment facilities for youth

To assist youth who are handicapped.

To provide regular employment opportunities for youth by constructively investing funds on a long term policy basis with an aim to strengthen the economic fabric of the state.

To provide opportunities for the participation of youth in the formulation and implementation of policy.

To establish youth organization and assist organizations already established for youth welfare.

To plain co-ordinate, promote and direct the expositions of youth services

To develop the inherent characteristics of the individual youth.

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